The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon Railway Station


The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Brooklands Retail Park


The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Weybridge, Ship Hotel


Chatterbus in the Community

What is Chatterbus?

Chatterbus hit the roads around Cobham in April 2015. Until then, because of poor public transport,
many people in the area without their own car had severe difficulty in accessing vital services such as
the JobCentre, healthcare, economical shops and other transport links, not to mention friends and
social events, especially across the A3 to Weybridge where a bus service was non-existent. There
wasn’t even public transport between Cobham and Stoke D’abernon station and the town.

It came as a shock to realise not only the impact of transport poverty, but also how prevalent it
was in our own town. We all take so much for granted our ability to get to where we need to go.

Now the carefully devised timetable provides a reliable service to commuters and school children at
each end of the working day, but above all, to those for whom the everyday task of getting around
presents such a huge challenge.

How do we help those in need?

  • Chatterbus is a registered charity. While operated by a professional bus company,
    Chatterbus is run by a board of volunteers, thus cutting costs to the bone. Every penny
    donated to Chatterbus goes into the running of the bus.
  • We are extremely close to the needs of the community – we provide free travel for holders
    of jobseekers travel cards at any time and, as a new initiative, we are running a three month
    trial of free travel for families experiencing difficulties. St Andrew’s School, Oasis, and St
    Mary’s Church Stoke D’Abernon will allocate these tickets.
  • Our new bus (our pride and joy!) was selected not least because it offers easy access for
    wheelchair users and those with pushchairs, and has plenty of room for shopping trolleys.
  • We have the best and friendliest drivers in Surrey! For many of our passengers, a journey on
    Chatterbus is not just a matter of getting from A to B, but a social highlight. For some, it is
    the only conversation they will have in an otherwise solitary week.
  • We are supported by the very generous donations of local bodies, in particular Surrey
    County Council, Elmbridge Borough Council, Chelsea Football Foundation, and McCarthy &
    Stone and Levanter Developments, together with many church, community and business

We are always in need of financial support to keep Chatterbus running for Cobham, and of
volunteers to help in way they can with fundraising events.

Please explore our website for all you need to know about using and supporting Chatterbus.

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